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Our Distinctives and Values

Our Distinctives and Values

Sharing Jesus: We will be a community that shares the life saving message of Jesus with people, because people matter to God (click here to learn more about the message of Jesus).

Transformation: We will be a community of people seeking spiritual transformation.  We recognize that spiritual growth is not optional and therefore we will cooperate with God as He transforms us to be more like Jesus.  Our services and programs will be designed with this goal.

Acceptance: We will be a community that accepts, welcomes, and loves all people.  We will strive towards unity as we try to reflect the Kingdom of God on earth.

Authentic Community: As Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God has always existed in community.  Jesus desired that the church would be united even as He and His Father were.  We will be a community that is real with each other and God.  We will seek out the lonely and draw them into community.

Service: We will be a community that serves God using our unique spiritual gifts and abilities.  We will regularly perform community service projects in Sonoma County.  We will take every opportunity to be involved in Sonoma County and bring the “church” to the county.

Teaching: We will be culturally sensitive during our teaching while being Biblically faithful.  Our goal is to teach for life change.

Creativity: We will have creative services that are designed to help you experience God’s presence.  This will be one of our main tools for life transformation as we worship God and learn from the Bible.